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List of regional/national groups united in demanding that our green islands stay Frack Free.

List of regional/national groups united in demanding that our green islands stay Frack Free.

Across England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland there is a plan - by those with very short term, self-serving vision and barely vestigial intelligence - to implement extreme energy procurement technologies that threaten us all.  These practices are symptoms and tools of a desperate and depraved addiction.  

If we let our manipulated/invested politicians facilitate their march across more than 60% of our land, not one of us will be immune to the devastating effects of the obscene, quick-fix lust of these ecocidal, frack-dealing fossil fools.

"Safe Fracking" is the global energy sector's oxymoron of the decade.  "Safety Regulation" is a risible red herring and a patronising placebo.

We will not say "Oh, okay then, if you say they're doing it safely now it must be true" and potter off quietly to watch the Shopping Channel.

We will accept nothing short of a total and PERMANENTLY SUSTAINED rejection of these ECOCIDAL extreme unconventional energy technologies - in favour of binding energy efficiency legislation, focused education on reducing consumption .. and REINVESTMENT in safe and truly renewable energy procurement systems that will also provide lasting employment and TRUE energy security.

What is not to grasp?

There's a fast-growing list of British and Irish regional and national anti-fracking/frack free Groups/Sites at the bottom of this Note. Please share it folks - ordinary everyday people are the only rescue team.  Don't wait for somebody to do something.  You are somebody.   #InvestorRemovalTeam.
Parts of the US, Canada and Australia are already steeped in the nightmare of hydraulic fracturing. They are years ahead of us in implementing the practice .. and in living - and dying - with its already horrendous legacy.   It is a bitter hindsight, of which we must take acute heed, lest the same irrevocable human and ecological disasters begin to happen on our islands.

Hydraulic fracturing for shale oil/gas and coal bed methane is an ECOCIDALLY irresponsible and utterly ineffectual approach to meeting our critical energy needs.
  • Fracking contaminates groundwater, soil and air alike ... With carcinogens and other toxins injected at high pressure into the ground; with released radioactive isotopes that were previously safely locked in the subterranean geology; with leaked methane and with other air pollutants from the flaring.
  • The US Army Corps of Engineers responsible for flood defences, will not allow high volume slickwater hydraulic fracturing to take place within 3,000 feet of their infrastructure ... what does that tell us about the seismic and subsidence risks?
  • A single frack uses 3 million gallons of fresh water. One frack site will use 330,000 Olympic sized swimming pools worth. Where will it come from exactly?  How and where will they dispose of the toxic, radioactive fracking fluid that comes back up? .. that which hasn't already leaked into our aquifers, our reservoirs, our Loughs/Lochs and our rivers that is.
  • Despite what the fossil fools try to convince us of - when fugitive emissions (escaped/leaked methane) and the vast weight of heavy tanker traffic are taken into account, FRACKING HAS A HIGHER CARBON FOOTPRINT THAN COAL.
    And over 20 years, methane is 86x times worse than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.
  • Our legislators - from Local Councils to National Government - must be made to wake up and realise that they make a huge mistake when they patronisingly obfuscate and turn a blind eye to the irreversible dangers of this practice.If they do not say NO to Cuadrilla, UK Methane, IGas, Dart Energy, Celtique, Tamboran, Tesla, Rathlin Energy, Coastal Oil & Gas, Magellan Petroleum, Northdown Energy et al., .. and decide instead to invest in safe, renewable sources of energy that will give real energy security and safe, lasting employment - then we will be in dire collective trouble.

If those empowered to legislate for us continue to give these international fossil fool corporations license to frack our lands and pollute our air, soil and groundwater - for nothing more than their own short term financial gain - they will be sanctioning, in many instances, the crime of Ecocide.

That would be both a historical and personal legacy that no Councillor, Minister or politician of conscience or sanity ought countenance.


Please get involved and alert others!

This initiative has just started as of June 2014: Community Protection Camps, Travel and Liftshare Fb Group:

Below is a rapidly growing list of Websites and Facebook Pages/Groups on the UK and Irish situation and campaigns.

Twitter handles of many UK ones linked here:  https://twitter.com/frackfree_eu/lists/uk-fractivists

@September 2014 - 227 Groups and counting, new ones being added daily.  Please let us know if yours needs putting on the list!

BIFF!  ;o)

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Frack Off London Fb Page:

Frack Free North West Fb Page:

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The Entire North of England Unite Against Fracking Fb Page:

No Fracking in Scotland and the North of England Fb Group:

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Sussex hampshire awareness fracking trust (ed) S.H.A.F.T. (ed) Fb Group:

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Frack Free Glossop Fb Page:

Frack Free Lincolnshire Fb Group:

Frack Free Tyne & Wear  Fb Group (Closed Group - ask to join).

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Llantrithyd Villagers Against FrackingFb Page: https://www.facebook.com/VillagersAgainstDrilling
Website: http://www.llantrithyd.com/

Frack Free Llantrisant
Website: frackfreellantrisant.wordpress.com
Keep your Fracking hands off Neath Port Talbot Fb Group:

Cardiff Against Fracking Everywhere CAFE Fb Page:


NO FRACKING IRELAND FB Group (Avoid the FB Page by the same name).

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North West Network Against Fracking (Ireland)  Fb Page:

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Ban Fracking Northern Ireland Twitter:

Ballinlea Residents Group / Protect our North Coast (Antrim) Website:

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No Fracking Sligo Fb Page:

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No Fracking Tyrone FB Group:

Stop Fracking Fermanagh Fb Page:

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Carrick Against Fracking Fb Page:

Belfast not for $hale Website:

Frack Free Kerry Fb Page:

Fracking Fee Clare Fb Page:

Ballymoney Against Fracking Fb Group:

Ballymoney - counsel against Fracking Fb Group:

Belcoo Frack Free (Fermanagh) Fb Page:

No Gas LAMP (Fermanagh) Website:


Frack Off Scotland FB Page:

Frack Off Scotland FB Group

Frack Free Forth Valley Fb Page:

FAUG - Forth valley Against Unconventional Gas

Frack Off Glasgow Fb Group:

Frack Off Peeblesshire Fb Group:

Fracking Ban Scotland Fb Group:

No to fracking in Scotland  Fb Page:

Scotland Against Fracking Fb Group:


No UCG Warks Fb Page:

Wirral Residents' Underground Coal Gasification Awareness Fb Page:

Wirral & Cheshire Awareness Group on UCG, Fracking & CBM Fb Group: